Make time for a . . .

Weekend in Wamego - Small Town, BIG Experience!

Join us at Vin VivanteTM Winery, 514 Lincoln, Wamego, Kansas, in the center of Wamego’s historic 1890’s downtown district.

OPEN DAILY Year ‘Round 10 AM til 6 PM, Sunday Noon to 6 PM

Free wine tastings at our marble topped barrelhead Tasting Bar!

People to meet, places to be, things to see, and fun to do.

With things to do . . .

With places to shop . . .

With places to eat . . .

And places to stay . . .

Surprising Wamego has something for everyone.

Vin Vivante, the home of WildKitten Winery, Off-Leash Wines, Flint Hills Winery and Little Apple Wines is located directly across the street from the Columbian Theatre, Toto’s Tacos and the Wonderful World of OZ Museum along the famous “Road to Oz” Highway.

Vin Vivante

514 Lincoln (Kansas Highway 99 through the OZ District in Downtown Wamego)

Wamego, KS  66547

(785) 458 2930


Things to Do, People to See, Places to Be in Wamego - - Small Town. BIG EXPERIENCE.

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